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SIEGE: Who Will Survive by Simon Kernick

Siege: A Thriller - Simon Kernick

Thriller is an understatement for this fast paced, action-loaded novel with appealing characters and a tight plot. You learn enough about the main characters (Arley, Elena, Abby, Scope, Martin and bad guys, Fox, Wolf, Bear and Cat) to care about who survives and who doesn’t. The story is plausible and works on the several levels and plot lines while keeping you guessing until the very end. The chapters are very short and generally end with a cliffhanger so you keep reading long after you tell yourself “just one more chapter.”


Unusually well written for the genre, SIEGE is still filled with a high body count and numerous episodes of mayhem. Set in a posh London hotel, the book involves M15, a highly trained assault force, a police commander who has been coerced into aiding the enemy, a dying man and a killer along with the many civilians who are caught in the midst of a terrorist’s plot.