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A Cookbook Conspiracy - Kate Carlisle

A COOKBOOK CONSPIRACY by Kate Carlisle Once you have suspended credulity, this is a fun read. The twists and turns continue almost to the last page when you discover who has committed the murderers. In between you will meet a bevy of cooks, two handsome Brits (one a former spy, or is he still a spy?), a mother who is a witch and several police officers (who don’t solve the crime). Bookbinder extraordinaire Brooklyn and her chef sister Savannah are alternately the chief suspects and the chief crime solvers. Discovering why they have the names they do is just one of laugh out loud episodes in this quick read. A good book for a lazy afternoon or two, this engaging mystery filled with likeable characters will keep you guessing through two mysteries in this continuation of the Bibliophile mystery series. Book groups may want to do some research in Revolutionary War era spies, chat about food, try a recipe or two and talk about police procedures.