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The Screaming Staircase (Lockwood & Co, #1) - Jonathan Stroud

Lucy, Anthony and George are Lockwood and Company, a trio of children who can see, hear and sense ghosts. When ghosts become malevolent and plentiful in London and only children can defeat them, Lockwood and Company goes to work. Delightfully scary, with lots of blood and mayhem, THE SCREAMING STAIRCASE will have middle graders asking for more. A good introduction to the characters and a tight plot make this first in a series a good choice for middle school libraries and a good choice for reluctant readers who will devour the chills and screams. Even older kids will like trying to solve the mystery before our intrepid trio saves the day (and their jobs). The ghosts and blood will appeal to the boys, and the inclusion of a girl in the trio means girls will approve of this series also.