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NEED TO KNOW by Karen Cleveland

Need to Know: A Novel - Karen Cleveland
NEED TO KNOW by Karen Cleveland
WOW, this book takes you for a ride with the FBI, CIA and Russian spies. Cleveland has written a page turner that will keep you wondering how Vivian, a CIA analyst, and Matt, her husband and possible Russian sleeper spy, will keep the Russians and the Americans at bay AND keep their family intact (and out of jail)!
The fast moving plot will keep you on the edge of your seat and those pages turning. Vivian is a bit naive and one wonders how she became so trusted with so much top secret information. Her husband starts as a mild mannered house husband and good as gold Dad – and maybe he is… or maybe he is a Russian spy. Someone is.
Discovering who is the spy and who are the good guys has this book littered with red herrings, threats, secret identities, plain black cars and more.
4 of 5 stars