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TAKE OUT by Margaret Maron

Take Out - Margaret Maron

TAKE OUT by Margaret Maron


I love Maron’s Deborah Knott books. This is only the second Sigrid Harald novel I have read. I was unfamiliar with the recurring characters, so I was often to turning back to see “who is this”, especially considering there are three separate plots and three sets of characters to keep straight.



Once I got familiar with them, all the plot(s) moved along quickly.



The New York setting was on point with a number of neighborhood businesses and interest points used. Lt. Harold’s relationship with artist Oscar Nauman is part of the plotting along with a gallery, a mobster’s family and an aging opera star. The plots are intriguing and keep you guessing (I did quickly figure out one point, yea, me) with enough ambiguity to keep you reading.


Good reading, but I still like the Deborah Knott books better.

4 of 5 stars