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Ember by Brock Adams

Ember - Brock Adams
EMBER by Brock Adams
Oh dear, what to say? First while science fiction IS fiction, it should also be reasonably believable. A dying sun that in 3 years turns the Southern hemisphere into a block of ice should also have drowned all of Florida. It didn’t in EMBER. A snowstorm that appears suddenly like a tidal wave and then is over in bare minutes dropping feet of snow, is simply not believable, or survivable. The hundreds of nuclear bombs sent aloft by hundreds(???) of co-operating countries, don’t work to restart the sun. The US government is hiding in Iceland and Lisa, the main character, turns from loving wife to capably murderous fiend in hours. Oh, and befriends her philandering husband’s lover in the process.
The bad guys are truly bad. The “good” guys are only semi-good. The world is coming to an end, but there doesn’t seem to be an actual conclusion in this book. Apparently this is the first of a proposed series.
I won’t be reading any further.
2 of 5 stars