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The High Tide Club by Mary Kay Andrews

The High Tide Club - Mary Kay Andrews
THE HIGH TIDE CLUB by Mary Kay Andrews
Andrews is one of my favorite “women’s lit” authors. Her characters speak and act like real people. Her plots are intricate and satisfying. Her settings are richly described. The tempo is fast enough to keep up interest and yet slow enough for a well-paced read. HIGH TIDE CLUB does not fail!
Murder, illegitimate babies, broken engagements, crotchety old ladies, absent boyfriends, a private island, a mean sexual predator, a vast fortune, a dying heiress and skinny dipping under a full moon -- what more could one want in the ultimate beach read .
This one is fun and will keep you guessing till the last pages, although one of the many mysteries I was able to figure out early on.
5 of 5 stars