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The BLUE by Nancy Bilyeau

The Blue. A Novel. - Nancy Bilyeau
THE BLUE, A Novel by Nancy Bilyeau
Using actual people and events as the basis, Bilyeau has written an engrossing tale of spying, treachery, art, porcelain making, kings and kingdoms. Blue is a difficult color to create for artists and porcelain makers. It was on of the last colors to be made for artists (late 28th century) and was greatly prized.
Genevieve, an English Huguenot who desired to be an historical artist, is the well-developed main character. She is surrounded by chemists seeking the color blue, spies seeking the color blue, kings and pottery makers seeking the color blue and those willing to kill to help or hinder them.
The intricate plot is thick with chicanery and populated with such personages as Madame de Pompadour, King Louis XV, and the founders of Sèvres and Derby porcelain. Of course romance blooms as well.
Book groups who are interested in history, art, or romance will find this tale engrossing and will lead to good discussions.
5 of 5 stars