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Desolation Mountain

Desolation Mountain - William Kent Krueger
DESOLATION MOUNTAIN by William Kent Krueger
I have not read any of Krueger’s Cork O’Conner mysteries, but I am a huge fan or Ordinary Grace. DESOLATION MOUNTAIN did not disappoint.
The characters were refined and true to character as the book progressed. The area of Minnesota was so clearly utilized it was almost a character.
The plight of the Ojibway Indians and their reservation was clear even though really not a pivotal part of the plot. The mystery leaked out slowly, just enough to keep my interest and the menacing terror growing.
Although there were many deaths, this was not a gruesome book. There is minimal foul language. The plot and all its permutations were neatly concluded in a satisfying way.
A very good mystery by a very good writer.
5 of 5 stars