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Things You Save in a Fire - Katherine Center
THINGS YOU SAVE IN A FIRE by Katherine Center
THINGS YOU SAVE IN A FIRE is the first book I have read by Katherine Center. It wasn’t exactly what I assumed it would be, but was an interesting read even though it turned out to be a romance rather than a firefighter story. The tension author Center creates around Cassie’s determined “aloneness” is palpable from the very first lines. Cassie, Diana, the other firefighters and Diana’s friend Josie all speak and act like normal people. The two “villains” are known pretty quickly.
The romantic story line is actually quite interesting (this said by a person who doesn’t usually read romance novels). The pranking escalates rather quickly into real fright producing torment. That resolution is the weakest part of the novel. Cassie turns around socially because of fear for her mother and over a period of time – understandable.
The resolution of the out of control pranking is not so understandable, especially on the part of the villain who changes too quickly and too completely to be believable.
(No vulgar language except for a few damns, one sex scene, one alluded to violent sex scene, I received this book free from St Martin’s Press for my honest review)
4 of 5 stars