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Sweet story

The Prayer Box - Lisa Wingate
THE PRAYER BOX by Lisa Wingate
When the book begins you will want to shake Tandi and tell her to grow up. As the book progresses, she does exactly that, although in fits and starts. Concurrently with Tandi’s story is Iola’s story of growing up unwanted and shunted aside because of the circumstances of her birth.
Sympathetically written, the story details what it is like to escape from one bad situation into another… and another until you feel you have no options left. But people are ultimately good in this tale and Iola’s house becomes a beacon of light.
Tandi is well developed as are Paul and Iola. Iola’s story is one of redemption and survival under trying circumstances. If you like uplifting, positive stories, this one is for you. There is no sex, no cursing and no violence.
4 of 5 stars