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BEFORE AND AFTER (Before We Were Yours)

BEFORE AND AFTER - Judy Christie and Lisa WIngate
BEFORE AND AFTER by Judy Christie and Lisa Wingate
BEFORE AND AFTER gives the real stories of the children that were the impetus and inspiration for the bestselling novel BEFORE WE WERE YOURS by Wingate. The stories of the children – what happened to them then and where they are now – are interspersed with comments by Christie and Wingate, pictures provided by the families of the now grown children and the “reunion” of the children and their families that was organized by Christie and Wingate.
The stories are heartrending. It is easy to identify which children were the prototype for each of incidents in the novel. It is reassuring to hear positive stories and sad to read of children further victimized by Georgia Tann, Tenneessee and cruel adoption laws.
An essential read if you read BEFORE WE WERE YOURS.
5 of 5 stars