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THE CHOICE by Suzanne Woods Fisher

The Choice - Suzanne Woods Fisher

Much better written than many novels in the “Christian Lit” genre, THE CHOICE presents the life of an Amish community with an emphasis on the helpfulness and “family” feel of the members of the church as well as the all-encompassing structure of the faith. Carrie is fully developed, as are Mattie, Abel, and Esther. Some of the other characters are presented so briefly, or in such a strictly confined way, that they seem one dimensional. The plot is full of tension and is believable. The life of the community is a fully developed character itself and is essential to the plot. The use of the “dutch” language is sometimes annoying. Often sentences and phrases are immediately translated in italic, but occasionally a word or phrase is not, leaving the non-Amish wondering at the exact meaning. I would have liked to know more about Mattie and Emma’s life after the choices they make, but as this is a part of a series, those stories may be covered in another book. My edition (e-book) did not have any notes revealing the content of other books in the series. Book group will have a field of topics to discuss – arranged marriage, step-parenting, death of a spouse, faith as life encompassing, medical experiences with chronic disease, bullying, outsider vs insider in relatively closed communities, forgiveness, business fraud and many others. 4 of 5 stars