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TRICKSTER’S POINT by William Kent Krueger

Trickster's Point - William Kent Krueger

If you are looking for a literate mystery with well-developed characters and a convincing, challenging plot, this is the book for you. Krueger’s latest chapter in the life of his Cork O’Conner character will have you guessing until the last pages.



Several characters from Cork’s past have reason to kill off Cork’s childhood friend, rising politician Jubal Little. When Little’s life is cut short in the middle of his gubernatorial campaign, Cork is the prime suspect until others reveal their animosity. Cork’s family and friends, as well as a few enemies, all come under suspicion in this tightly plotted mystery leavened with near poetic descriptions of the area around Trickster’s Point. The many layers to the mystery of Jubal’s death are only revealed in the final pages.


An excellent way to spend some time with a fine author, Native American traditions and the northern reaches of Minnesota.

5 of 5 stars