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The All Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion by Fannie Flagg

The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion - Fannie Flagg

THE ALL-GIRL FILLING STATION’S LAST REUNION by Fannie Flagg Flagg has moved from the South to Pulaski, Wisconsin for her tale of an immigrant family and the four daughters who take it upon themselves to run the family filling station and take up flying fighter planes during World War II. But never fear, Sookie, a Southern bell who isn’t quite up to snuff according to her domineering mother, discovers she is not a SIMMONS, but was adopted (horrors!) is also a main character. How these facts intertwine is the story that will hold your attention. The four Polish sisters are based on the actual women who flew airplanes from factory to airfield (and sometimes further) to relieve the “real pilots” for combat duty. Their story makes up the bulk of The All-Girl Filling Station. Flagg wrote the book to honor the women who sacrificed as much as the men, but until recently were denied the right to military honor and benefits. Their story is compelling. Sookie’s part of the story offers humorous relief and ties all the loose ends together. You will learn an important part of WWII history and be greatly entertained at the same time. A great story well told. 5 of 5 stars