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COP TOWN by Karin Slaughter

Cop Town - Karin Slaughter

 This book is vile, racist, anti-women, homophobic, violent, contains foul language and characters of corruption and pure evil. It is also a ripping good story. The main characters are police women (and men) in 1974 Atlanta, Georgia. If you remember 1974, you will recognize the casual racism and ethnic slurs that abounded in southern cities of that time. You will also recognize some of the music and businesses from that era.


Kate is a newbie cop. She is also completely out of her comfort zone. She is Jewish, widowed, rich privileged and educated. The women and men she is thrown in with in “cop world” are working class, racist, anti-Jew, hard-bitten, bullying and for the most part trying to do a decent job under awful circumstances.


The writing is sharp, pointed and unflinching. The plot unfolds fast enough to keep you turning the pages long after you should be safely in bed. You will find yourself sympathizing with macho cops who operate just below the level of corruption. You will figure out the bad guy and the plot twists long before Kate does, but that won’t diminish your enjoyment of this thrilling thriller.


5 of 5 stars