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MONDAY, MONDAY by Elizabeth Crook

Monday, Monday: A Novel - Elizabeth   Crook

I was expecting more of a tale about the Texas tower massacre rather than a tale of damaged people and their secrets and the damage those secrets caused.


That said the book was interesting for about the first half then I got wearied with all the drama and more drama and more drama that involved Shelly, her lover, her husband, her daughter, her friends, etc, etc.


After finishing the book I decided it was a warning of the all mistakes people make in their lives and how those mistakes affect others far into the future.


The characters were carefully drawn. The writing was clear. The descriptions of life in Texas were interesting. The drama around the Devil’s Sinkhole was engaging and realistic. My favorite character was Dan. My least favorite was Wyatt (or maybe Madeline).


But overall, the book was just……..a book. Neither really good or really bad.

So…. 3 out of 5 stars