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Stop by and read a few sentences about the books I love and the books I hated. Leave a comment or two. I am a former librarian and a voracious reader.
March 2021
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reviewed: Tinder Box: The Iroquois Theater Disaster, 1903 by Anthony Hatch
Tinder Box: The Iroquois Theater Disaster, 1903 by Anthony P Hatch Six hundred and two people, mostly women and children, lo...
Tinder Box: The Iroquois Theatre Disaster 1903 - Anthony P. Hatch
March 2021
reviewed: FLIGHT OF DREAMS by Ariel Lawhon
Field of Dreams by Ariel Lawhon Using the real people who lived and died on the dirigible Hindenburg, Lawhon tells a fasc...
Flight of Dreams - Ariel Lawhon
July 2020
reviewed: Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews
SAVANNAH BLUES by Mary Kay Andrews Okay, yes, it is chick lit. BUT, it is GOOD chick lit. Andrews is my favorite author for w...
Savannah Blues - Mary Kay Andrews
June 2020
The main reason why I am not giving this five stars is that it's a bit much that Jack keeps facing off against killers. It's ...
read and rated
reviewed: How The Penguins Saved Veronica by Hazel Prior
HOW THE PENGUINS SAVED VERONICA – Hazel Prior This is a lovely story about an 86-year-old curmudgeon who decides to go to a s...
How the Penguins Saved Veronica - Hazel Prior
February 2020
Timestamp is a collection of written works by Marcus Granderson, a Harvard Graduate and young black man. As Marcus states i...
SPOILERS DUE TO ME BEING ANNOYED Not too much to say here. No one was developed. The plot was paper thin. And then we have ...
So this was a great book from beginning to end. I loved Maddie and Jax. I also loved how Maddie and her two half sisters, Chl...
Wow. This was so good. I am so happy that Hawkins has turned this into a series because I fell in love with all of the reside...
Nestled in the row houses of Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood is a house with an angel doorknocker. Mercy House, a...
Nah you guys. This was from beginning to end a hodge podge of other of Lamb's works. A character who is overweight (check) ...