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Stop by and read a few sentences about the books I love and the books I hated. Leave a comment or two. I am a former librarian and a voracious reader.
May 2019
read and rated
reviewed: Haunting
THE BOOK WOMAN OF TROUBLESOME CREEK by Kim M Richardson In the depths of the depression and hidden in the deep mountains of K...
The Book Woman Of Troublesome Creek (Unabridged edition) - Katie Schorr, Kim Michele Richardson
May 2019
read and rated
BEIRUT HELLFIRE SOCIETY by Rawi Hage This tale presents the raw outrage, fear, misery, and indelible sadness of a country at ...
Beirut Hellfire Society - Rawi Hage
May 2019
read and rated
reviewed: Heart stopping finish
BLOOD OATH by Linda Fairstein This thriller by a master of the art starts a bit slow but by the time you get all the player...
Blood Oath (Alexandra Cooper #20) - Linda Fairstein
April 2019
read and rated
reviewed: A Death of No importance by Mariah Fredericks
DEATH OF NO IMPORTANCE by Mariah Fredericks The backstairs folk always see more than the upper class folks think. Lady’s maid...
A Death of No Importance - Mariah Fredericks
April 2019
read and rated
reviewed: RUN AWAY by Harlan Coben
RUN AWAY by Harlan Coben This was my first Harlan Coben mystery. It was an interesting, well written tale about a dysfunction...
Run Away - Harlan Coben
read and rated
reviewed: THE FARM by Joanne Ramos
THE FARM by Joanne Ramos An idea – pay poor women large sums to be the surrogate for busy, important, wealthy, lazy women who...
The Farm - Joanne Ramos
April 2019
reviewed: THE GILLESPIE COUNTY FAIR by Mark Hess
THE GILLESPIE COUNTY FAIR by Mark Hess This book never quite caught me in its web. I didn’t like the characters. They all see...
April 2019
read and rated
reviewed: Maud's Line by Margaret Verble
MAUD’S LINE by Margaret Verble Maud, her father and brother live on Maud’s mother’s allotment in the former Indian Territory....
Maud's Line - Margaret Verble